Asics Launches New Breathable and Water Resistant Face Masks Perfect for Runners

July 31, 2020
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Everyone knows the importance of wearing a face mask in public when social distancing is not possible because it can protect both you and others from spreading the coronavirus. 

Health officials are even advising those who exercise, primarily outside trainers, but also those that attend a gym, to wear a face mask as well to prevent the transmission and contraction of COVID-19. 

Many gym buffs have complained that the masks are uncomfortable and make breathing difficult when wearing and exercising at the same time, which is why Asics has used the best technology to create new masks that are both breathable and water-resistant.

The Asics new Runners Face Cover was created by scientists, engineers, and designers at the Asics Institute of Sports Science (ISS) and features air vents, making it easier for you to breathe while reducing the spread of respiratory droplets.

Get a first look at the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER. Designed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, its unique curved design enhances breathability, comfort and performance for runners. Coming soon! -- #RunToFeel

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The quick-drying fabric used is also water repellant and washable! Test participants loved the comfortability and said they felt no difference when working out with the mask on and then with it off. The innovative design gives runners the room to breathe, especially when at their physical peak.

The new masks will be available nationwide in September and cost around $30 each.