This Country Artist's Holiday Vodka Comes With His Lookalike Doll!

Erin's Deep Dish on Country

December 17, 2019
Blake Shelton, Vodka, Doll, Holiday

Kevin Winter

Which country music singer now has his own doll? Erin has the answer on her Deep Dish on Country! 

We’ve found the perfect gift for that special someone in your life that is 21 or older.

  • Blake Shelton was on The Ellen Show for her 12 Days of Giveaways, but before he helped surprise the audience with gifts, Ellen unveiled his new look-alike doll that comes with his Smithworks vodka brand

  • Blake joked that he asked them to sculpt the doll how he wished he looked: with a thinner frame and only a single chin. The doll even has the same barbed wire tattoo on his left arm!
  • Who wouldn’t want a Blake Shelton elf on a shelf?

Gone West, who is our next New Country Night Out concert at Joe’s Bar on January 9th, debuted their song titled, ironically enough. ‘Gone West’ on Live with Kelly and Ryan!

  • Before they hit the stage, Ryan Seacrest asked Colbie Calliat about the band and how they all came together

  • Then they rocked out with the television debut of ‘Gone West’

  • We cannot wait to hear those 4 part harmonies live next month!