Instead of a Lemonade Stand Boy Sets Up 'Drive By Joke Stand' to Spread Laughter


April 30, 2020
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6-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin has been looking forward to opening a lemonade stand once the weather warmed up, but his plans were foiled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of spending all his time inside, McLaughlin decided to improvise and set up at drive-by/ walk by joke stand in order to spread some joy and laughter in his community. The stand allows him to be outside and make neighbors laugh while also respecting the social distancing rules. 

McLaughlin's mother said he had been using all his one-liner jokes from a kids' joke book that she bought him on her and her husband and is thrilled he found a new audience for his comedy. 

Every morning the kid sets up shop at the end of his driveway before taking a long lunch break and returning for his afternoon shift.

Please drive by and hear a joke from this kid -- . . . #driveby #walkby #kidhumour #togetheryetapart #cadborobay

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He decided to tell the jokes for free and not charge like a lemonade stand, so his neighbors could save their money and spend it on more important items like groceries. 

Many people have loved his humor and McLaughlin loves being able to spread some laughter and positivity during this pandemic.

His joke stand even caught the attention of actor Ryan Reynolds who tweeted that he was a hero. #GoodVibes