Chase Rice Caught in the MOST Awkward Moment on The Bachelor

Erin's Deep Dish on Country

January 28, 2020
Chase Rice, Country Music, New Album, The Bachelor

Erika Goldring


A lot of amazing (while maybe not for Chase Rice) things have been happening in Nashville and Erin has them all with her Deep Dish on Country!

Many country artists have guest-starred on the Bachelor franchise to sing and promote their new songs, but I doubt any have had the experience that Chase Rice did last night

  • He was booked to sing a private concert on a one on one date, but never thought it would be him serenading his ex-girlfriend.
  • Yep, Victoria F. and Chase Rice dated before the show, and the moment they both recognized each other was so cringe-worthy that you could feel the awkward tension through the TV
  • Chase sang his current single ‘Lonely If You Are’ while Peter and Victoria slow danced and made out

  • When Victoria told Peter later that Chase is her ex, he was so confused and could not wrap his head around the idea

Kelsea Ballerini announced last week that her long-awaited third album will be coming out in March and in order to build even more anticipation she released another song for her fans!

  • It is titled ‘LA’ and in it, she describes her love/hate relationship with Hollywood and how sometimes she still feels like she doesn’t fit in
  • The music video was also released along with the song 

Morgan Wallen helped make a service man’s dreams come true

  • Michael Perkins, an Army serviceman, is a HUGE Morgan Wallen fan that is set to deploy to Iraq in a week
  • Before his yearlong deployment, he and his friend decided to catch four shows in a row on Wallen's Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour. During one of the stops, Michael met Morgan, told him he was about to deploy soon and would love to shotgun a beer with him.

  • Two days later Morgan called him up on stage and shotgunned a beer with while the entire crowd chanted “USA!” They both teared up and it was a moment the entire theatre will never forget.

Last weekend was a weekend I’ll never forget! --------

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