Chicago Fire Department Holds Graduation for 88 New Members


May 13, 2020
Chicago, Firefighter, Class, Graduation, New Members, First Responders

boonchai wedmakawand


Great news for our city: the Chicago Fire Department just held a graduation ceremony for 88 new firefighter EMTs to begin protecting our community. 

The graduates will begin their assignments next week as it is part of the city's effort to maximize emergency medical resources during the pandemic. The graduating class included military veterans, former Chicago police officers, and graduates of Chicago Public Schools.

The ceremony was streamed virtually for all the grad's families to watch in the comfort of their own homes. No handshakes were allowed, only elbow bumps when the new firefighters received their certificate.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot attended and gave a speech noting the difficult job that lies ahead for these graduates. She said, "Your job will not be easy, and at times, it will be dangerous. You will encounter people who are sick, who are frightened. And sometimes you’ll find yourselves tired, discouraged, and even heartbroken,” but she went on to say how important their sacrifices are for the community and how proud she is of the 88 new members of the CFD. #GoodVibes