Chicago Man Makes Face Masks Specifically for Children


May 28, 2020
Face Mask, Children, Chicago, Binky, Kids

Larissa Veronesi


Face masks have become our new normal for children and adults when out in public, but not many companies have created them specifically for kids. Many face masks are large and intended for adult faces only. 

Chicago native, Andrew Smith saw a void in the marketplace and decided to create a company that only made masks specifically for children. 

Smith, unfortunately, lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic, but that only gave him the time to focus on this venture and create his business Binky.

Binky offers family subscriptions that send new masks every month for kids. This gets children excited to receive their new mask and show it off. Binky also has an educational component to it, which includes a pamphlet that explains why it is so important children wear their masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face Mask, Children, Binky

As of right now, Binky has sold 1,000 masks and Smith has donated the same amount to people in need.

For more information on Binky click HERE.