Community Rallies Around Disabled Woman After Riots Caused Destruction


June 8, 2020
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Last weekend in Minneapolis protests turned into riots over the unlawful death of George Floyd. Some businesses and places were destroyed in the Twin Cities and many community members were outraged.

One such community member, Stephanie Wilford, was interviewed by the local news station and explained that after the destruction and shut down of public transportation, as a disabled woman, she does not know where she can get her essential items. She said that people looted for no reason and while what happened to George Floyd was tragic, "he is in a better place than we are."

Wilford's video went viral, has been viewed over 4.5 million times, and her story has received the attention of many.

Hundreds of people, including athletes and celebrities, have reached out to help Wilford after the destruction of her neighborhood. 

Minnesota Viking Kyle Rudolph shared the clip asking people to donate, which turned into a very successful food drive. Her story moved Tyler Perry so much that he called Wilford to tell her how inspired he was and how much he wants to help.

A stranger named Jill Sims even set up a GoFundMe page to support Willford. Sims created one after hearing the story and wanting to donate, but not finding one set up yet. The two have recently met and made an instant connection that will last a lifetime.

Willford could not believe the support she has seen and is so grateful to everyone that has reached out, donated, and shared her story. #GoodVibes