WATCH: Couple Married for 60 Years Reunited After Hospitalization

"This is What True Love Looks Like"

May 27, 2020
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Ronnie Kaufman


It's a love story people dream about.

Alice and Jerry Krenke have been married for over 60 years with three children and six grandchildren. The two have never been separated for more than a week until now.

Alice was hospitalized after complications from a heart valve transplant and due to the COVID-19 safety precautions, she was not allowed any visitors.

When Alice was discharged from the hospital she decided with her family that she wanted to surprise her husband. One of their granddaughters caught the full surprise and reunion on camera, and the Tik Tok video has since gone viral with many saying, "This is what true love looks like." 

Everyone deserves to find unconditional love like this! Alice & Jerry, you’re so inspiring. We wish you many more years of health & happiness. @us99chicago @kbrightradio @air_bear29 @wintrust #---- #---- #❤️ #goodvibes #unconditionallove #soulmates #health #marriage #lifeisshort #family #husband #wife #inspiring #bestfriends

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The two lovebirds can be seen hugging and when asked how she feels Alice responds that she feels better now that she's back with Jerry.

The granddaughter who filmed the embrace, Paige, has said that everyone deserves a love like her grandparents because it is truly magical. #GoodVibes