Couple Reunites on Twitter 16 Years After Their Preschool Wedding


June 17, 2020
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The other day 21-year-old Jack Callow tweeted some nostalgic photos from his preschool wedding and joked that he had not seen his wife in 16 years.

Callow explained that he has limited memory of the wedding but remembers proposing to his 'wife' Rena behind a tree and then the whole preschool jumped on the bandwagon to plan the ceremony and reception. They threw a big party where everyone was dressed up to celebrate their fake wedding.

The law student decided to tweet the wedding photos as a joke not thinking about popular they would become.

The tweet quickly went viral and with many saying how cute the little couple was and that they should get back together.

Callow had no way of getting back in touch with Rena, but thanks to the power of social media, the tweet found its way to her and she played right into it tweeting back a picture of her and her mom on that day,

Rena said she had never seen those photos before, but was overwhelmed with the sweet responses from strangers. 

Now the entire internet wants them to get together, but unfortunately, Callow is actually in a relationship and was just trying to tweet some cute photos.

Who knows maybe in another 16 years the two will reconnect face to face... #GoodVibes 

This is what Callow looks like now:

Couple, Wedding, Reunion

And this is Rena now:


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