Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip for Hair Stylist and Even Left Money for the Salon Staff #GoodVibes

May 15, 2020
Hair Salon, Good Vibes, Generous Tip, COVID-19

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An anonymous walk-in customer at a hair salon in Denver, Colorado left the entire staff speechless when he left an overly generous tip.

Floyd's 99 barbershop had recently reopened after two months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic and even though, hairstylist Illsia Novotny was not scheduled to work that day, she went in anyway to try to make a little extra money.

At the end of a very busy workday, Novotny welcomed a last-minute walk-in customer, and looking back now she is so glad she did!

The customer recently moved from Chicago to Denver and the two bonded over their love of the Cubs. They also chatted about how difficult the past two months have been as Novotny is a single mother and this is her only source of income. After his hair cut the man walked out and that is when the stylist noticed he had left her a $2,500 tip!

She was overjoyed with emotion and could not believe the stranger's generosity. in addition to her tip, the client also left $500 for the receptionist, $1,000 for the general manager and $1,800 to be split between all the other employees, leaving the rest of the staff with an extra $100 each! 

The entire staff was very grateful, especially Novotny who used the extra cash to pay her June rent in advance. #GoodVibes