Customer Leaves Entire Stimulus Check as Tip at Family Owned Restaurant


April 22, 2020
Stimulus Check, Tip, Restaurant, Family Owned, Good Vibes

JGI/Jamie Grill

Many Americans have been receiving their government stimulus checks and while some plan to use the money on themselves, either for splurge purposes or to help financially, one couple decided to use it to help their favorite restaurant. 

Like all small businesses during this uncertain COVID-19 pandemic, Colonial Steakhouse in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has been struggling to remain open. The restaurant has stayed afloat during the shutdown by maintaining a team of four employees to offer curbside pickup for three days of the week.

Last week one of the steakhouse's regulars stunned the entire staff when they left a $1,200 tip, the exact amount of their government stimulus check, for their takeout order.

Allison Hall, the restaurant's manager, was elated and said, “We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it."

Hall went on to say that though times have been tough, the family-owned establishment cannot wait to reopen their doors after this is all over, until then, the very generous tip is going to keep them smiling and working hard. 

The way people have stepped up to care and help others during this pandemic has been nothing short of astounding. #GoodVibes