Dierks Bentley's Cover Band Signed a Record Deal!

Erin's Deep Dish on Country

January 3, 2020
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Erin has all the latest country music news to get you into the weekend with her Deep Dish on Country!

Dierks Bentley and his incognito 90s country cover band, Hot Country Knights, signed a record deal with Universal Music Group's Nashville division!

  • The Hot Country Knights play all nostalgic 90s country songs while in disguise wearing very crazy clothes, wigs, and fanny packs!
  • The group is basically just Dierks Bentely and his road band incognito singing 90s covers, but most people do not know when the Hot Country Knights open a Dierks Bentley concert that its actually him just in a bad wig.
  • Each member of the band has an alias and a very deep backstory. Dierks’ name while performing with the group is Douglas Douglason.
  • The group started back in 2015 just playing one-off shows, but have grown since and have actually played alongside Miranda Lambert, Jon Pardi, and Thomas Rhett, BUT all those artists were also in costume and audiences had no idea!

Before @danandshay, there was Doug and Shelby.

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  •  The group signed an official record deal yesterday with Universal Music Group which also happens to be Dierks Bentley’s record label
  • It will be interesting to see if the Hot Country Knights start releasing their own music or just more covers?

Over the holiday break, Chris Young went to a bar and participated in the #100PercentTipChallenge.

  • When his check total was $187 he tipped the server $187, which is a 100% tip!
  • He shared the story on his social media along with a photo of the receipt where you can see his new total was $374 and all he wrote on the check was ‘Merry Christmas’
  • Further in the post, he challenged two of his friends, Chase Rice and Brad Paisley, to also do the #100PercentTipChallenge. If more artists keep tagging and challenging their friends they could start a huge viral movement by supporting the service industry!

Morgan Wallen released a new song right before he rang in the new year!

  • The song is titled ‘This Bar’ and it’s a nostalgic song about remembering where you came from and the friends who made you into the person you are today

Wrote this song with my buddies about some moments and times in my life that have made me who I am today. Some good, some bad, but all of em I can look back on and grin a little. Hope it makes you do the same. Be safe in whatever Bar you find yourself in tonight. Happy New Years. #ThisBar out now!

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  • Wallen will be headlining the Rosemont Theatre tomorrow night!