Disney Releasing Advent Calendars Filled with Mini Books for the Holiday Season

Also Available in Frozen and Marvel Versions

August 24, 2020
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Disney is giving fans Christmas in the summer by announcing the release of their new storybook advent calendars, equipped with 24 mini books!

The very popular storybook calendars are not to be released until October 6th and November 3rd, BUT you can already pre-order them on Amazon for only $30! Shoppers can choose from three 24-day countdown storybook calendars, including versions for Frozen and Marvel fans, or two 12-day countdown tins with Marvel or Disney and Pixar movie themes. 

The hype surrounding these has been INSANE and the Disney/Pixar version and Marvel storybook calendars are already topping the best-seller charts in their own categories! Disney is no joke. 

Disney Advent Storybook Calendar

The Disney/Pixar calendars include 24 very small 24 page books that each tell a Christmas themed story featuring some of your favorite characters like Belle, Bambi, and even Nemo! 

Both the Frozen and Marvel calendars include similar 24-page paperback books but feature stories from Olaf, Elsa, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy!

Disney Frozen Advent Calendar

Also available for the season are the 12-day countdown tins that do no include as many books but still come with little trinkets and games for your kids to enjoy!

Disney Advent Countdown

This might be this season's HOTTEST Christmas items and it's still August! To pre-order yours today click HERE.