Elementary School Teacher Buys iPads for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

May 7, 2020
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E-learning has been a challenge for teachers, parents, and kids during this coronavirus pandemic, but it has also strengthened the commitment teachers have to their students.

One such teacher, Brenda Robinson, a sign language interpreter at Kinzie Elementary School in Chicago went out of her way to ease the e-learning process for her students so they can fully participate and adapt to the changes. Her classroom is normally full with 60 kids who are either deaf or hard of hearing and she teaches them language, English on top of that, and American sign language. These students are already facing some learning challenges and do not have the proper equipment at home, so Robinson wanted to ensure she could help them succeed. 

These kids benefit from having a device with a camera so they can see her signing, so Robinson asked her social circle to help donate money to purchase such a device.

In a few days, she had raised $20,000 and bought each child an iPad to help in their schooling. The kids were so thankful and appreciative! The parents, especially, could not believe how nice Robinson's gift was to her students and were grateful for her passion for helping them succeed. #GoodVibes

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