Fans Are Upset That FGL's 'I Love My Country' Sounds Very Similar to Kane Brown's 'Short Skirt Weather'

Listen to the MashUp to Hear For Yourself

June 10, 2020
Kane Brown, Florida Georgia Line, Song, Similar, Listen

When Florida Georgia Line released their latest radio single 'I Love My Country' many fans thought it sounded familiar and at first, could not figure out why.

Then, thanks to social media one fan posted that the duo's new song sounds VERY similar to Kane Brown's 'Short Skirt Weather' that was released last year.

Fans began tweeting angrily wondering how FGL could rip off another artist's song like that. Some were saying it essentially has the same melody and chord progression as Brown's song. Others were just very upset that it sounds exactly like 'Short Skirt Weather.'

The YouTube account Sir Mashalot posted a video with a mashup with the two songs to prove their similarity. Listen for yourself. 

Since the controversy on social media started, Brown has been added as a songwriter to 'I Love My Country.'