Florida High School Holds Graduation Ceremony on Jet Skis

For real, check out the video!

June 3, 2020
Jet Ski, Graduation, Florida, Key West, Seniors, Class of 2020

Somerset Island Prep, a charter school in Key West got very creative when designing a graduation ceremony during the pandemic.

In order to have all seniors and school staff keep a safe distance, the ceremony was held at sea. 

All seniors wore life jackets underneath their caps and gowns and actually drove jet skis up to a boat where their principal, Tom Rompella, was standing with an extendable arm to hand their diplomas.

Do not worry, all seniors received jet ski lessons before the ceremony and wore face masks while riding to receive their diploma.

The principal wanted to create a ceremony the graduates will never forget, not only because of the pandemic and the unique times we are all currently living in, but because the 11 member class of 2020 is the first graduating class from Island Prep! He knew he needed to mark this milestone in the most unique way possible! #GoodVibes