Garth Brooks Played His First Show At a Place We Have All Been Many Times

Jason and Katie Backstage at the 2019 CMA Awards

November 13, 2019

There's always a first for everything. 

Garth Brooks is one of the biggest names in country music, no, scratch that, he's one of the biggest names in music in general. 

He can sell-out stadiums in a matter of minutes, and he's released a total of 16 studio albums, which have been certified a total of 137 times Platinum

The word 'superstar' does not even begin to describe Garth Brooks and his legacy. 

Even after all his success, he is still one of the most genuine and humble artists in the industry who nevers forgets where he came from.

Ahead of the 53rd Annual CMA Awards, he sat down with Jason, Katie, and Erin to talk about the first gig he ever played and his Dive Bar show in Chicago. 

Surprisingly, Brooks, the megastar of country music, played his first-ever show in a McDonald's. Yes, that's right at the fast food place that we've all frequented countless times. 

Brooks said he was in a bluegrass band and restaurant patrons had to "yell their orders over the music because it was too loud." 

Who knew that McDonald's even had live music?

He started out at a McDonald's and is now selling out dive bars on his iconic Dive Bar Tour. Chicago was the first stop on the win-your-way-in-through-country radio. Brooks said that since you cannot just buy tickets, it makes "the crowd the most diverse and these people are there because they LOVE country music." Radio station phones were ringing off the hook when this contest was announced. 

He also said before the tour began he had to take some notes on how to connect to the audience while playing back in a dive bar.

But honestly, it doesn't matter if it's in a dive bar, a stadium, or McDonald's, Brooks has a way of making any audience member feel his passion and love for country music. He deserves all the praise and recognition for the legacy he's created.