Illinois Gym Owner Gave Out $40,000 Worth of Equipment For Members to Work Out at Home


April 15, 2020
Gym, Illinois, Owner, Equipment, COVID-19

Mike Harrington

When the seize shelter order was put in place due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic all non-essential businesses had to close, including Be Strong Gym in Bloomington, IL.

The owner of the gym, Drew Whitted, did not want his clients to give up on their fitness goal so he went the extra mile to ensure all members are able to continue their workouts from home.

He posted on their private gym Facebook page and said he wanted to give away all the gym's equipment to the members. He said anyone could come pick up their favorite equipment and take it home free of charge. Whitted wants them to continue training from home and know most people do not have the resources to do so.

Within two hours the entire workout facility was cleared out, about $40,000 worth of equipment was taken to clients' homes, including barbells, weights, exercise bikes, rowers and mats. The staff helped each member pick out what they needed and bring it to their cars.

Be Strong Gym has also been holding online training sessions every day so members can continue to work out together virtually. Some have even got their families involved and made working out a daily and interactive activity to do together. Clients have said the online workouts have helped keep the gym's community spirit.

Whitted has also continued to pay all his eight employees and will continue to do so as long as the shutdown lasts. He ensured his staff that they will not miss a single paycheck. #GoodVibes