Jason Aldean Is Currently Living at This US*99 Stars and Strings Artist's House

Erin's Deep Dish on Country

December 2, 2019
Jason Aldean, Country Music, Artist

Christopher Polk


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One of country music’s biggest superstars is currently living with his entire family in one of our US*99 Stars and Strings performer’s house

  • Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany sold their house back in February and are in the midst of building their dream home.
  • When Kane Brown heard that the Aldeans were renting a house while waiting for theirs to be built, he immediately offered for them to stay in his
  • Brown and his wife already moved to another house and were trying to sell their old one when he offered it to the Aldeans instead. Now the entire family is staying there until their dream home is ready!

Brothers Osborne had a minor hiccup while performing during the Bears/Lions game on Thanksgiving

  • About 10 seconds into their hit song ‘Stay a Little Longer’ their mics and the lights on stage cut off

  • The crowd and the band was very confused and startled. Fortunately, though after several minutes the power was restored and the brothers were able to finish their set!

US*99 Stars and Strings singer Lindsay Ell released a new song that I’m sure we will hear on Sunday!

  • It is such a relatable song about falling out of love but still missing that person every once in a while