Lombard Family Throws Themed Costumed Dinners to Keep Stay at Home Life Fun


May 19, 2020
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WGN News

It's been 9 weeks since Governor JB Pritzker called for a statewide shutdown and ordered everyone to stay at home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Nine weeks is a long time to be stuck at home with your family and some are running out of creative ways to keep their kids busy and productive.

One family in Lombard, IL though, started a tradition last month that is helping them keep the fun and energy up during the stay at home order.

They decided to start themed dinner nights!  Every morning the mom, Kelly Reif, will assign a theme to the dinner and each kid is in charge of picking out and creating a costume that coincides with the theme. 

All four kids, Colette, Aislynn,  CJ, and Florence, get dressed in costume each night before heading to dinner and unveiling their look for the whole family to see. 

It has been a way for the family to come together, have some fun, and have something to look forward to each day. The days definitely go by quicker when you are excited and expecting to do something fun at night! The only boy in the family, CJ, is not too wild about the theme nights, but he will still participate to make his mom happy.

Past themes included the roaring twenties, “Blues Brothers,” spa night, lumberjack night, “Jersey Shores,”  Hawaiian luau, Disney, and “Tiger King.”

The Reifs are finding a great way to make amazing memories even in a tough situation.