Luke Bryan Shares His Ideal Date Night

And It Might Have Something To Do With 'Knockin' Boots'

November 14, 2019

Luke Bryan's smash hit 'Knockin Boots' made more of an impact in his life than anyone imagined. 

The single recently hit #1 on Country Airplay making it Bryan's 23rd number one song! He is unstoppable when it comes to creating catchy tunes that everyone loves.

'Knockin Boots' is a very unique song because it uses a summertime vibe with different innuendos and comparisons to describe being intimate with a partner. The lyrics will easily get stuck in your head, plus it is an easy song to dance to.

Bryan just ended his 11th consecutive Farm Tour where he travels to different cities and throws a HUGE concert in a field. The idea began as bringing full production shows to small towns and setting up on a local farm. 

Fresh off the Farm Tour, Bryan sat down with Jason and Katie backstage in Nashville ahead of the 53rd Annual CMA Awards.

Jason played a rapid-fire 'Burning Questions' game with Bryan and when asked what his ideal date night was, Bryan very confidently said, "You" That comment was enough for Jason to drop his mic and the two could not contain their laughter.

Bryan went on to say that it did not have to be 'date night' it could be 'date morning.' 

It seems that his #1 single has definitely impacted his life because he'd rather be 'knockin' boots' with his wife than out eating a fancy dinner or going to see a show. 

Bryan is a simple Georgia boy that enjoys the simple aspects of life, such as just hanging with his wife and maybe knockin' some boots if the mood is right.