There is a Magic Well in Schiller Woods?!

October 17, 2019



There is a magic well in the northwest suburb of Schiller Woods! 

Located just west of the intersection at Cumberland Ave. and Irving Park Road the well draws a lot of spectators and believers.

There have been lines and lines of Chicagoans waiting to fill up from this magical well that some say can cure headaches and even cancer! Regulars swear that the untreated water improves health problems. Some will not even drink tap water anymore claiming that the water out of the well is better because it comes straight from the aquifer and is fresh all the way up the pump. They also do not mind the well smell and actually prefer the natural, slightly metallic and mineraly taste of the water.

Don't worry, because the pump is so popular the Forest Preserves test the water regularly to ensure its drinkability. 

Even though there are two other wells right across the street, Chicagoans claim the water from there does not taste the same and has no magic properties.

Looks like we need to take a field trip to the magic well in Schiller Woods!