Man Tried to Move States by Floating in a Log Down the River

September 26, 2019



Well, I guess it's true that the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a timeless American classic, but I would not recommend floating down the Mississippi River in a log...

And that is exactly what a man from Illinois tried to do. 

No this is not a sequel to Huck Finn, but an actual news story.

On Monday a 911 call was placed from Rock Island, IL because a man was spotted floating down the Mississippi River in a LOG!

The fire department brought their rescue boat to get him out of the water and the man seemed confused as to why they were there.

He told them very seriously that he was trying to move from Illinois to Kentucky via a wooden log...

The firemen dropped him off at the shore and strongly urged him to make other transportation plans. 

Hopefully, he made it there!