Man Uses Cans of Bud Light to Save His House From a Wildfire

There Really is Nothing a Beer Cant Fix...

August 26, 2020
Bud Light, Fire, Saved, California, Wildfire, Case

Patrick McDermott


Well looks like Thomas Rhett was right. There really "ain't nothing that a beer can't fix."

One California man found that out when a wildfire was heading straight to his house, setting his workshop ablaze.

The fire called the LNU Complex, began a few weeks prior when a large group of lighting strikes came together, forming the second-largest fire in the history of the state. 

The homeowner, Chad Little, has his family evacuate the scene but stayed behind to protect the house. He was prepared with hoses laid out all around the property but then the water was turned off.

Now with the flames already overtaking his car and coming for his workshop, Little had to think quickly on his feet. He turned to the only liquid he could find near him, which was a 36 pack of Bud Light...

He took a nail from his workspace and began shaking the cans, popping them open, and spraying it all over, and what do you know: it worked!

Little saved his shop and even the fire department was impressed when they came onto the scene right just as he was using the last of the beer to put it out. 

Little joked that his friends always made fun of him for drinking 'water beer' but it saved him when he really needed it most!