Maple Cream Oreos Are Already Back for Fall Season!

For those that are tired of the pumpkin craze

August 13, 2020
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For those of you that are tired and just a little 'over' the whole pumpkin craze, Oreos created a new cookie just for you!

The maple cream Oreo is back for a limited time during the fall season!

Unlike other seasonal cookies, the maple cream is made with the company's signature golden wafer and not the traditional chocolate one. This helps give the dessert a light/ less rich taste that goes perfect with the sweet maple cream and allows you to eat way more of them, without feeling stuffed. 

Maple Creme Oreos are back for the fall 2020 season! I bought these off Walmart's website. They also have the orange Halloween Oreos.

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The cookies were first debuted last August and must have been a HUGE hit because they are back for fall 2020!!

You should be able to find them at most stores, but if they are not out on shelves yet, you can definitely buy them on the Walmart website!

Who said August is too early to start thinking about fall?