McHenry Drive-In Theater Reopens and is PACKED with Line of Cars #GoodVibes

May 11, 2020
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Matt Carr

The McHenry Drive-In Theater was THE place to be on Friday night (May 8th)! 

The theater was recently given permission to reopen as long as certain rules were followed and so many families took advantage, while social distancing of course! 

The was a line of cars ready to watch the first two movie screenings of the season, The Flintstones and Jurassic Park

Scott Dehn, the owner of the theater, has been working there for over 20 years and just bought the property back in February. He has been so worried that the business would fail and people would never want to congregate in large amounts, but the showing Friday night gave him some much-needed hope! 

Ray Scarpelli, owner of Ray Chevrolet and Ray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, bought out the theater, so about 350 families could enjoy for free! 

The theater was very diligent about following social distance rules as admittance was cut in half, all moviegoers had to stay in their cars, masks were handed to everyone, and concessions could only be purchased via cart. 

Dehn announced that the theater will be open on the weekends until May 23rd, then after that it will be showing movies 7 days a week. He also mentioned that they will be hosting about eight drive-in graduation and recognition ceremonies. #GoodVibes