Memorial Day Car Parade in Western Springs Honored Two World War II Veterans


May 26, 2020
Memorial Day, Parade, Car, Veteran, Western Springs

Spencer Platt


Due to the virus, the annual Memorial Day Parade in Western Springs was canceled, but that did not stop the residents from putting on their own car parade to honor a pair of World War II veterans. 

The veterans, Seedy Ulrich and Walt Bergenthal, served in the war more than 70 years ago and have become local hometown heroes. Ulrich served in the Battle of the Bulge and Bergenthal set up the communications system at the Nuremberg trials. 

The two have been friends for 70 years, talk to each other every day, and genuinely love the other's company.

Residents of the town organized a car parade to honor the two veterans and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.