Morgan Evans Got Paid in Whiskey at His First Chicago Gig

Jason and Katie Backstage at the 2019 CMA Awards

November 14, 2019

Morgan Evans might be from Australia, but he has played the most shows in Chicago and will forever be thankful for our city's country music fans.

The 'Day Drunk' singer caught up with Jason and Katie before the 53rd Annual CMA Awards to reminisce on the first gig he ever played in town.

Evans looked back on playing at Bub City in River North on a Tuesday night and when Jason joked that he probably got paid in pork sandwiches, Evans said that and whiskey. 

Then he went on to say, "lots of whiskey. I think we got paid pretty well that night actually." 

Chicago holds a special place in Evans' heart because since that first show it has helped kick start his career and has been the place he comes back to play the most often. 

Evans has come a long way since Bub City and will be headlining his first show at Joe's Bar on December 13th! We cannot wait to see Evans and his career continue to skyrocket.