Daughter's Surprise Goes Horribly Wrong! #Redneck News

September 4, 2019



A daughter was trying to do something nice for her mother and came home early from college. 

BUT the surprise did not go as planned....

The mother was in her bedroom and became startled when she heard a loud noise coming from downstairs. The daughter then ran into the mother's room to surprise her, but the mother had ZERO idea what was going on and grabbed the revolver in her nightstand.

The scared mother fired one shot and hit her daughter right in the arm. 

The daughter's friend who was waiting downstairs heard the shot and immediately ran up the stairs to help and called the police.

Officers arrived on the scene at 9 pm and took the victim to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital to treat the gunshot wound on her elbow. 

Well that's the last time the daughter will try to surprise her mother...#RedneckNews