Munster Veteran Released From Hospital After 55 Day Battle with COVID-19


May 28, 2020
Veteran, Munster, COVID-19, Hospital, Recovery

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Last week Community Hospital in Munster, IN had an amazing celebration when a 73-year-old Vietnam war veteran was discharged after his 55 day battle with COVID-19.

Armando Blanco Sr. went to the doctor on March 23rd due to tightness in his chest and was diagnosed with pneumonia. When his symptoms continued, he was admitted to the ICU at Community Hospital and officially tested positive for coronavirus on March 29th.

He has been in the hospital since then and was finally released after 55 grueling days. Following a tracheotomy after being taken off the ventilator, his voice was just coming back as he saw his family for the first time.

The hospital staff caught his discharge and reunion with his family on video and the celebration quickly went viral. 

Blanco Sr. served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade during the Vietnam war and was drafted at age 20. He was extremely proud to be a veteran and always thanked any other war hero he saw for his service. 

After his discharge from the hospital, he could not stop thanking all the healthcare staff for their continued support and determination.

He still has a road of recovery ahead and was transferred to a physical rehabilitation facility in Merrillville to regain his strength. His family hopes he can officially return home within the next month! #GoodVibes