Old Dominion Drops 3 Previously Unreleased Tracks for Fans

May 29, 2020
Old Dominion, Country Music, Unreleased Songs, New Music

Ethan Miller


For the past few weeks, Old Dominion has been posting the demos of some unreleased songs on their Instagram. The tracks just missed out on making the official albums, but the band still wanted their fans to hear a piece of them.

Excited to release three new (but also old) songs on Friday. “I’m On It” almost made the Meat and Candy album but was cut at the last minute. #previouslyunreleased #imonit #olddominion

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Fans LOVED the demos they heard and started begging the group to officially release the songs, so they could hear the whole thing. Since the band has so much extra time during quarantine, they decided to listen to their fans and record official versions of the songs.

Old Dominion dropped those official recordings of three previously unreleased tracks today. 

The first is "I'm On It" which almost made the track listing for the Meat and Candy album (the band's debut album) but was cut last minute. 

"Goes Without Saying" is the oldest of the 'new' songs that was recorded for an EP before the band even had a record deal.

The last song, "Can't Get You" already has a live version on their Happy Endings album, but they wanted fans to have the studio version as well.