One Social Media Post Started a Community Wide Effort to Feed Families in Need


June 4, 2020
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Jennie Gould had no idea her one social media post would turn into an entire community-wide effort.

When Gould heard some food pantries had to turn people away because there were no supplies left, she knew she had to do something to help her neighborhood. 

She went on Facebook and typed one status that ultimately ended up changing her life. All she said was, "If you know of a family in need, needs food or is hungry…message me."

By the next morning, her inbox was flooded with responses so she filled her car with groceries and began her first drop off.

News of her kindness and generosity spread so quickly through the North and West side neighborhoods that Gould created a Facebook group named 'Giving Groceries' to get more people involved in order to help the entire community.

The Facebook group allows people to sign up to leave groceries on their front porch and then Gould will pick them up to distribute them to a family in need. In just three short weeks, the group has helped put food on the table for 24 local families!

Gould cannot believe the impact the group is having and she has said it's all about paying it forward and showing empathy. #GoodVibes 

To join the effort visit the Giving Groceries Facebook page HERE.