Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris Received The Cutest Gift from the Cubs!

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October 30, 2019

Rick Diamond


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Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris received the cutest gift from the Cubs organization yesterday!

  • They received a little "Rookie of the Year" onesie for their baby boy due in March with a note that read “We wanted to make sure your little boy was outfitted from the start; he’ll be ready for spring training. We’re so excited for you guys and hope to see you back at Wrigley next summer.”
  • Hurd was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan but loves Chicago and the Cubs so much!

Granger Smith released a brand new song about where he can find peace and quiet.

I’ve been sitting here watching the cursor blink trying to figure out how to tell you about this. Earlier this year, I promised one song per month and I gave you one in March, April and May. My life changed forever in June and needless to say, I apathetically derailed any career plans and goals. Things I used to think mattered, just didn’t anymore, and other things mattered more than ever. It was almost like some kind of enlightenment where my life filter disappeared revealing only what mattered in full clarity. I never considered leaving music, (that’s hardwired into me and non-removable) but I did decide to change the way I approached the never-ending anxiety of this business. If you see me on tour, or hear new music, know this: it matters to me. Or makes me smile, or makes me think of my dad, or my little red headed boy. Or my wife, kids, momma, friends, struggles and triumphs. But...wait...isn’t that what country music is supposed to be about? . I have a new song coming out tomorrow, 10/25. It’s not about Riv, although I did weave him into the lyrics in the 2nd verse, but it’s special to me. It’s about finding peace. Finding yourself. Finding God on a road that’s rough around the edges just like us. It’s about that rural sanctuary we all know so well behind a pair of headlights, a steering wheel and your heavy thoughts. It’s called “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads.” . That’s the cover of the song in this picture, and if you zoom in, there’s so much detail, so many hidden gems that you probably won’t even find all the references at first. Even if you don’t understand any of the hidden meanings, it’s just a cool picture of a dirt road following the river up a beautiful mountain. Can’t wait for y’all to hear the song. I hope it brings you the same peace that it has for me.

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  • While ‘That’s Why I Love Back Roads’ is not directly about his late son River, Smith did weave him into the lyrics in verse #2
  • Smith said the song is about finding peace in rough places, while also finding yourself

Kacey Musgraves ended her Oh What a World Tour in Nashville over the weekend and broke a record!

  • She drew a crowd of 18,373, which broke the record for the largest attendance for any show by a female artist from any genre at the Bridgestone Arena
  • She also surprised the crowd by bringing out Harry Styles and singing her hit ‘Space Cowboy’ (The crowd went wild!)

✨ s p a c e cowboy ✨

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