Shark Boy and Lava Girl are Back as Parents in New Netflix Movie

Their Daughter Has Both Shark and Lava Superpowers

July 29, 2020
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Ever wondered what happened to Shark Boy and Lava Girl? 

Did they end up together? Are they still saving the world?

All your questions will be answered in the new Netflix film, We Can Be Heroes.

While the movie primarily follows the superheroes' daughter as she tries to figure out how to use both her shark and lava powers that she inherited from her parents, the director, Robert Rodriquez, has revealed that the two from the fan-favorite 2005 film will make an appearance. 

As of right now, it is unclear if Taylor Lautner will reprise his role as Shark Boy, but Taylor Dooley has officially signed on as Lavs Girl again.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Pedro Pascal will also star in the film.

The movie features 11 young superheroes all trying to navigate life with their powers and learn how to use them for good.

The reason the movie will be streamed and not in theaters is that Netflix wanted more kid-centered movies on their platform and after Rodriquez's Spy Kids films did so well on the streaming site, they asked him to create a superhero series. 

The movie was shot before the pandemic hit and is currently in post-production, but no word on an official release date yet.