You Will Not Believe What the Best Drink to Help You Stay Hydrated Is

September 26, 2019



This may sound surprising but according to to a new study the best drink for staying hydrated is... SKIM MILK!

Researchers looked at 13 different drink options, and how well they kept people hydrated over the course of four hours. Most people would assume water or Gatorade or even Pedialyte would help you stay hydrated for the most amount of time, but nope it was skim milk!

The study found that regular water doesn't have nutrients or electrolytes to help our body absorb it, so it goes right through us straight to our bladder. Water came in 10th out of 13th place. 

Even though skim milk is 91% water (which is why people believe its healthier) it also has sugar, sodium, protein, and a tiny bit of fat, which all help slow down that process and more water gets absorbed into our body. 

The official top 10 rankings of drinks that help you stay the MOST to LEAST hydrated are as follows:

  • 1. Skim milk
  • 2. Pedialyte
  • 3. Whole Milk
  • 4. Orange Juice
  • 5. Soda
  • 6. Diet Soda
  • 7. Iced Tea
  • 8. Regular Tea
  • 9. Sports Drink
  • 10. Regular Water 

Who would have thought?