Students Create Organization to Redirect Food Waste to Food Banks

FarmLink is a Grassroots Movement

May 12, 2020
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Sean Gallup

Across the country, many farmers have been forced to throw away and dispose of their crops such as potatoes, fresh produce, and milk because of the pandemic and the lack of workers to help transport the food to stores. As restaurants and schools closed, farmers that relied on supplying them with food were also left with cancelled orders and a surplus of products. 

Two students from Brown University heard about this dilemma and banned together to help both farmers and people in need receive food. They created Farmlink, a grassroots movement to help pay farmers while redirecting their food waste to charitable organizations, such as food banks. 

The group began in April and has already grown to over 20 students from recent graduates from the University of Southern California, Dartmouth College, Stanford University, the Harvard School of Business, and Cornell University, along with a network of volunteers. 

According to the Farmlink website, the group has already moved 239,000 pounds of food from farmers to food banks and paid more than $4,500 in wages.

The organization is helping reduce food waste by raising money to purchase the excess food from farmers (ensuring they are still getting paid for their services) and then rerouting the deliveries to food bank distributors. The company believes no food bank should turn people away during a crisis. 

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Farmlink has recently partnered with Uber Freight to help with its food deliveries. So far the organization has moved food to Idaho, Oregon, Utah, California, North Carolina, and Virginia and is looking to expand across the country by the end of the summer. 

Volunteers, farmers, transportation companies, and food banks can get involved by contacting FarmLink HERE.