Taco Bell Launching Wine to Pair with Its Cheesy Chalupa

Tacos and Wine? Sure, Let's Try It!

September 15, 2020
Taco Bell, Wine, Jalepeno Noir, Cheesy Chalupa, Pairing, Taco

Joe Raedle


Taco Bell has been causing quite a stir in 2020 as it made some serious menu changes getting rid of their cheesy potatoes, Mexican pizza, and some more fan favorites, BUT the company is trying to reconcile by launching a new red wine!

Yes, who said tacos and wine aren't a great pair?! (probably some people, but Taco Bell is ready to prove them wrong!)

The Mexican fast-food chain is launching a Jalapeno Noir to pair with its Cheesy Chalupa.


Taco Bell, Wine, Jalapeno Noir
Taco Bell

It does not actually taste like jalapenos but instead includes hints of cheery, strawberry, and beetroot. The Cheesy Chalupa that it is paired with features melted, aged cheddar cheese toasted on a chalupa shell with seasoned beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream.

The wine itself is made at a vineyard in Ontario and for the time being, is only being sold in Canada, BUT that could change depending on how successful the initial launch is!

If you cannot wait until the wine is officially sold in the US, you can go on the Canadian Taco Bell website and buy a bottle for $19 (Disclaimer: unsure of how much shipping would cost, though!) 

Why not try it? 2020 has been crazy, maybe tacos and wine are the answer!