Taylor Swift Personally Donates Money to Fans to Help During Pandemic

Giving Each $3,000 to Ease Their Financial Stress

March 26, 2020
Taylor Swift, Donation, Money, Fans

Dia Dipasupil


It's no secret that the 'Taylor Nation' Taylor Swift fanbase has a HUGE following, considering she is a worldwide superstar, but what people might not know is how close the fans are to Swift and each other.

Swift has been known to go out of her way to connect with her fans, whether it is crashing wedding showers, helping with proposals, hosting secret music sessions for her albums, or just following them on social media to feel even closer to them.

She makes it a point to get to know her fans on a personal level and because of that, it is not surprising that she donated money to help some diehard Swifties during this very stressful and uncertain COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

While browsing on social media, Swift found that many followers were struggling financially during the pandemic due to a loss of jobs. 

Without hesitation, she went ahead and donated $3,000 to help a fan pay her bills.

The fan, Samantha Jacobsen, recently lost her job at a bar at Disney Springs in Disney World and was shocked that her idol reached out with such generosity.

Jacobsen was not the only Swiftie that received a $3,000 donation for the Taylor Nation LLC. Many began posting on Twitter thanking the pop star for her kindness and compassion during this troubling time. Take a look at some of the words of encouragement and sweet messages Swift wrote to her fans after giving each donation.

It is unclear just how many people received the $3,000 donation from Swift, but it is amazing to see a celebrity at her level reach out and send some comfort to her fans.

Just another example of Swift going above and beyond to connect and make each fan feel special.