In a Dramatic Turn of Events: Tayshia Adams Replaces Clare Crawley as Bachelorette Lead

August 4, 2020
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The Bachelor franchise loves to use the phrase, "The MOST dramatic season ever," BUT season 16 of The Bachelorette might actually be worthy of that title! 

In a huge production switch up, Tayshia Adams, who was first seen on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor and then briefly found love with fan-favorite John Paul Jones on Bachelor in Paradise, has taken over as this season's lead, replacing Clare Crawley. 

Before the change was announced publicly, Bachelor Nation went into a frenzy of speculation as Crawley reportedly 'favorited' a tweet over the weekend (the tweet has since been unliked), which would mean she has access to her phone and not currently filming. Contestants for the show give up basically any contact with the outside world when in production and once Crawley was active on social media, fans began speculating that had to mean she was no longer part of the show.

THEN Bachelor spoiler guru, Reality Steve, tweeted about a Bachelor Reddit thread that confirmed Adams was seen at the resort!

Due to the pandemic and COVID-19, the entire season was being filmed at the La Quinta Resort & Club, a resort located in La Quinta, California, to ensure all contestants and production staff were safely quarantined in one location. 

Why else would Adams be spotted hanging around there if she was not going to be the new Bachelorette?

Then multiple sources confirmed the rumors that Crawley did indeed step down from the lead and in a never before seen switch up, production called in Adams to take over!  

It has been said that Crawley found love very early on with contestant Dale Moss and refused to go on with the rest of the season. Moss and Crawley apparently began talking before filming (isn't that illegal?) after the full list of men was released, while the two were in quarantine. The two had such strong feelings before even starting the show that it was obvious who the front runner was from night one. Instead of going through multiple dates with men she knew were not 'the one,' she decided to simply end it all and choose Moss. 

When asked what will viewers be seeing this season, many producers have confirmed that season 16 will start with Crawley's short journey and then as she exits, she will usher in Adams as the new lead.

Adams will become the second-ever Black lead on the franchise next to season 13’s Rachel Lindsay.

Deadline reports that some of the men eliminated by Crawley will be able to come back for a shot at love with Adams. There will be 42 suitors in total (a record number of men for the show!) and 17 of them will carry over from Crawley and 25 will be brand new.

No official premiere date has been set for the season, but it is expected to air on Tuesdays in September/October. 

Calling it now: this will be the MOST dramatic season ever!