Teacher Goes Above and Beyond for Student Who Had No One Supporting Him at Graduation


June 23, 2020
Good Vibes, Teacher, Student, Graduation, Help

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Dominique Moore, a teacher at Bessemer City High School in Alabama went above and beyond for one of his students after he saw no one from the student's family was there to support him at graduation.

Moore was cleaning up after the school's graduation festivities and saw one of his students was still there alone. When he asked about his family the student replied with, "Nobody's here." 

The graduate did not even have someone to drive him home, so Moore offered him a ride and took him out to lunch to celebrate his accomplishments. 

Teacher, Student, Good Vibes

While at the Cheesecake Factory, Moore was fighting back tears because he could not imagine graduating high school with no support system there to cheer him on.

It was at that moment that he felt compelled to share the student's story and help him out in any way that he can. Moore posted about their lunch on his Facebook page and included his CashApp username in case anyone wanted to be a "blessing" to the teen. As of last week over $5,000 had been raised for the high schooler!

Moore has been driving the teen to his job and hopes to use the donated money to buy him a new car! He even helped the kid set up a checking account. 

While college is in the future, Moore wants the teen to focus more on transportation and proper housing before going off to school.

A small act of kindness, such as taking a student out to lunch, has turned into so much more and really shows the compassion in people! #GoodVibes