Whomever Edited the New Nike Ad Deserves the BIGGEST Raise !

This is incredible ...

July 31, 2020
Nike, New Ad, Commercial, Sports, Can't Stop Us, Editing, Video

Drew Angerer /


Sports are known to bring people together, right?

Even in our darkest times, we look to sports to help us all achieve and cheer for a common goal.

We might be living in unprecedented times, but Nike ensures us all that sports will live on, no matter the circumstance.

The company released a new 90-second ad spot highlighting the enduring power of sports and honestly whoever edited it needs the BIGGEST raise or at least a promotion and some recognition.

The commercial is edited entirely with a split-screen to show how all sports are linked and connected, how similar athletes are to each other, no matter the arena or game being played. It captures how we are all tied together,  but what is the most impressive part about it is how seamlessly the transitions and movements are within the screen.

We cannot even imagine how long this took to edit and the precision that went into it. Nike has outdone itself again and just keeps raising that perfection bar. 

Give this editor a raise!