Tim McGraw is Currently On Tour, But Not For Music

Erin's Deep Dish on Country

November 6, 2019

Erin has all your breaking news out of Nashville with her Deep Dish on Country. 

Tim McGraw is currently on the road, but not for a music tour, he is actually on a book tour!

  • Yes that’s right, Tim McGraw wrote a book and it’s called ‘Grit and Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life’

I came to it like a lot of us come to turning points: By touching a place I don’t care to go back to—a dark place where I felt like a lot of my life was out of my control. Maybe I had to make contact with that bottom in order to push back to the surface, determined to turn things around before my luck ran out and a slide became a crash. It wasn’t comfortable, and I’m not always proud of the ways I behaved, obscured as I was back then in a mix of denial and neglect, but it launched a journey of trimming the fat in every area of life and carving away the excess to get to a better version of myself. Today my body is leaner, my mind is clearer, my sense of purpose is sharper, and my relationships are deeper. Health might start in the body but it extends way beyond the physical; it’s about your connections to the world and people around you, and your ability to serve and give. The decade since I chose to once and for all take ownership of my health has taught me that lesson most of all. This book is about what happened. And I’m excited to share it with you. #GritandGrace is available today.

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  • The lifestyle book was released yesterday and it follows McGraw’s fitness transformational story while also giving readers practical advice to inspire healthy changes in their lives.
  • This would be a perfect holiday gift for your loved one!

Garth Brooks opened up his Dive Bar Tour in Chicago back in July, which was one of the craziest and most electric shows I’ve ever been to...

  • AND he just announced his next two stops on the tour, but there’s a catch…He will be playing on the same night in two different states!
  • Don’t ask me how he is going to do this, but he will begin his night in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and then end in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Talk about a crazy night!
  • If you still haven’t seen the underwater music video for his ‘Dive Bar’ duet with Blake Shelton head to our US*99 Facebook Page!

Yesterday I gave you a list of artists that are expected to release new music in 2020. Well, one artist just announced her sophomore album will also be coming in early 2020!

  • Carly Pearce will release her self-titled album on Valentine’s Day!

So much has happened to me in the last few years. Y’all have changed my life and given my music a home in this world. I grew up, let go of things that needed to go, fell in love, fell on my face, went through some hell and found “Carly” fully for the first time EVER. I’m so excited to announce my sophomore, self-titled album will be released on VALENTINE'S DAY 2020!!! This record is dedicated to @busbee. The last full record he made & one that I am so very proud of. Thank you for bringing these songs to life. I can’t wait to honor you and hear/see how people connect to what we created. ♥️♥️♥️ Link in bio to pre-save now! #carlypearce

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  • It will feature her lead single ‘Closer to You’ as well as her current duet with Lee Brice ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’

And I bet there will be a song about her new hubby Michael Ray on it as well