Wauconda Fire Department Offering Drive By Celebrations for Kids Birthdays During Quarantine


March 25, 2020
Fire Truck, Department, Kids Birthdays, Celebration, COVID-19

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It can be difficult to celebrate your birthday during this pandemic, especially if you are a kid that was looking forward to a party and celebrating with friends and family, which is why the Wauconda Fire Department is doing something pretty amazing!

The department is offering drive-by visits for kids that are trying to celebrate their birthday while also practicing social distancing. The fire truck, equipped with the sirens and lights, would stop by the child's house and give them a birthday celebration they will never forget!

On Facebook, over the weekend, the district reached out to all boys and girls ages three to eight that would want this birthday surprise! 

Parents can email Devin Mueller at dmueller@waucondafire.org to arrange the drive-by visit.

Please include your name, address and phone number.

The firefighters have already surprised a few kids and their reactions have been priceless! (Click on the Facebook post to see some reaction videos in the comments!)

They just want these kids to feel special and celebrated with everything going on in the world.