World War II Veteran Walks 100 Miles for His 100th Birthday


June 19, 2020
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A few months ago, British World War II veteran, Capt. Tom Moore, raised over $40 million for the U.K.'s National Health Service by walking 100 laps in his backyard garden ahead of his 100th birthday.

Inspired by his determination and efforts, American veteran, Mickey Nelson, decided to raise money for the Salvation Army by walking 100 miles for his 100th birthday.

Nelson wants to help families that are struggling to put food on their tables, so he set out to raise $5,000 before his 100th birthday on June 27th.

He began this 100-mile journey on May 21st and since then has raised over $93,000!!!! Well over his initial goal!

Good Vibes, Mickey Nelson, World War II Veteran

Once his story began to spread, the donations began pouring in. Even though he exceeded his goal, he is still determined to walk the 100 miles by the end of summer.

Nelson feels blessed that he has never had to worry about food insecurity, but wants to help lose struggling during these unprecedented times, which is why he chose the Salvation Army as his charity. 

All it took for him to start walking was a $100 donation from his daughter. She gave him half the money upfront and said he would receive the other $50 after he finished 100 miles. Since then Nelson has been determined to reach that physical goal. He walks almost every day, except sometimes when it is really raining, but then he makes up for it on the next sunny day.

Good Vibes, Mickey Nelson, World War II Veteran

As of this week, Nelson has officially walked 50 miles and is already planning the walk for his 101st birthday! #GoodVibes