Billy Currington Has Been Paying Attention to ALL The 'Details' in New Song

July 24, 2019

Billy Currington, the King of Summer Songs, notices all the 'details' is his flirty new single! 

This sexy and sweet song paints the picture of what most would call #couplegoals. You know that ideal couple that everyone strives to be where no matter what is going on around them, they are too infatuated with each other to notice. It's about knowing your significant other down to their coffee order and the number of freckles on their skin. Knowing all the 'details' of a person is what makes the relationship so infatuating and intoxicating in the best way possible. 

Currington has that silky voice that makes anyone want to fall in love immediately. He is the man when it comes to releasing the best feel good summer songs and this new one is no exception. 


We CANNOT wait to see him perform 'Details' live at Gallagher Way on August 9th! (Along with all his other hits!)

Currington is ready to bring the party with the Budweiser Concert Series! This will be the concert that all your co workers talk about back in the office on Monday, so you NEED to get your Tickets NOW. For real, this is one performance you DO NOT want to miss!