You Won't Believe What this Uber Driver Did #GoodVibes

August 15, 2019

"We're feeling them good vibes!" Here's a great story to help your Thursday! 

Diane was taking an Uber to work and while in the car was explaining to the driver, Lamiyah Jabbar, that she's been having a hard time. She has two grandkids that she helps with and while she needs new slippers and clothes, she just has to wait until Christmas because right now she does not have the resources.

Jabbar was not just making small talk, but was really touched by Diane's story and wanted to help out.

She decided to go to the drive-through at the fast food place that Diane works at and surprise her!

Jabbar gave Diane a brand new dress for church and a $50 Visa gift card, so she did not have to wait until the holidays for new clothes.

Diane could not believe the generous gift and said, "Thank you so much! This has been such a horrible day, you just made my day so much better!"

Jabbar is a prime example of someone who just wants to make others' lives better and that small act of buying Diane a dress went a long way. #goodvibes