Mitchell Tenpenny and Seaforth Will Do 'Anything She Says'

July 25, 2019

US*99's Country Class of 2019 and LakeShake artist Mitchell Tenpenny teamed up with the new Australian duo Seaforth and created your new favorite song: 'Anything She Says.'

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Man, this song has an amazing 'driving around with the windows down on a sunny day' kinda vibe! The electric guitar in it is infectious and makes me want to dance. (Okay, I'll admit, I'm dancing a little at my desk right now)

Besides the beat and vibe of the new song, the lyrics are adorable and regardless of your relationship status, they'll make you wish you got married, like yesterday. It's about doing literally whatever it takes, even if it means getting a sunburn while your person is happily tanning, just to be with them and prove how much you care. 

"Give her Christmas in July" might be the cutest lyric because it shows the crazy things a boyfriend will do to go out of his way to make his girlfriend happy. AND celebrating Christmas in July just sounds like an awesome thing to do anyway, right?!

As if the song itself wasn't great, both Tenpenny and Seaforth teased clips from the music video and it looks hysterical! You really just have to watch them to understand.

Judy keeps us on our toes. #SheWantedAPediDay #AnythingSheSays 7.25 Ft @weareseaforth

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anything she says - @m10penny featuring yours truly. 7.25 --

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I love the not so subtle nod to Tenpenny's current single 'Alcohol You Later.' 

Basically, this song will be on repeat in my car, at my desk, and really anywhere I am for the rest of the summer.