Rachel Murray / Stringer

Is The Upside Down From Stranger Things a Real Place?

A Scientist from East Tennessee is Planning to Open a Portal to a Parallel Universe, so MAYBE!

July 24, 2019

Physicist Leah Broussard is attempting to open a parallel universe.... and no this is not a joke. 

She is experimenting at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in East Tennessee and plans to run what is called an “oscillation” that could bring her close to “mirror matter."

The process itself is very complicated and used a lot of big scientific words, but the bottom line is that she is trying to send subatomic particles down a tunnel and past a magnet. If the experiment goes as planned the particles will transform into mirror images of themselves, which would be the first evidence of a 'mirror world.' 

A mirror world, in theory, would have its own laws of physics, history, and possibly mirror rocks and planets. (Does that sound familiar at all?)

If it also had Demogorgons and a Mind-Flayer then it would be exactly like the Upside Down! 

BUT if Stranger Things taught us anything (besides that Steve Harrington has the best hair) it would be the negative effects of opening and traveling through a parallel universe, but I'm no physicist so what do I know?

Well honestly, I do know one thing: the third season of Stranger Things is AMAZING and if you haven't seen it YOU NEED TO!