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Taylor Swift Proves She Needs to Stick to Performing, Not Bartending

Find all the Swiftie Easter Eggs In New Capital One Commercial

July 26, 2019

Taylor Swift fails miserably at being a waitress and bartender in the new Capital One Savor Card Commercial. Good thing she's a worldwide superstar and has performing to fall back on since the service industry is definitely not for her.

Love @TaylorSwift? Cardholders now have the exclusive opportunity to buy a limited-edition t-shirt and the Lover album. ---- Pre-order Now:

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This TV commercial was not the first product endorsement for Swift as she has been in videos for AT&T, Diet Coke, and Apple Music. (Who could ever forget her falling off the treadmill while singing 'Jumpman?')

As always, It would not be an official Swift video if there weren't some Easter egss hidden throughout for the biggest Swifties to notice. 

The commercial begins with someone playing the lead single off her next album, 'ME!' on the jukebox.

Then, when she places the check on the counter, the first item is priced at $13.13, which might not seem like anything, but 13 is Swift's favorite number and also her birthdate: December 13th. The total on the check reads $19.89, which is the year Swift was born, as well as the title of her fifth studio album. ALSO, the check was signed 'Lover.' the title of ner next album. AND there was a drawing of a cat at the bottom, which could be either a nod to her favorite animal OR the fact that she is starring in the live-action musical Cats, set to premiere later this year. 


Somehow Swift was able to hide some Easter eggs in a commercial that was only 30 seconds long. Literally, how does she do that?

This multi-year partnership with Swift and Capital One gives cardholders access to exclusive deals and experiences. Currently, cardholders can pre-order a digital standard edition of Lover, her next album, coming out on August 23rd. (No I do not have a countdown on my phone to the release date...) Along with the album, they'll also receive a 'one-of-a-kind' Taylor Swift t-shirt.

Am I contemplating switching to Capital One in order to get these new deals? Maybe.