And You'll NEVER Find Another Like Her

April 26, 2019

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Taylor Swift officially dropped her brand new single "ME" with Panic at the Disco's Brendan Urie and the whole world is losing their minds! I am still speechless. Like for real it's hard to write this becasue I'm so pumped! I can already say that this song will be THE summer jam! It's catchy and colorful and just downright amazing.

We have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER since Taylor starting teasing us with hints about the song and now it's finally here! Not only is the song crazy good, but the music video makes it even better (I didn't even think that could be possible, yet she did it!) Also, having Brendan Urie on the track was a power move! He is a super talented vocalist and just adds an element to the song that completely elevates it to another level! Don't believe me? Listen for yourself:


It's crazy good right? Told ya.

The way the video opens up with a snake that turns into butterflies was a beautiful beginning that tells me that Taylor is done with her whole dark "Reputation" phase and is beginning a new chapter filled with color, self-love, and optimism. We all go through 'rebel' stages where we want to break the rules and be a little mischevious, but eventually we learn to let go of the past and begin a brighter future. That is exactly what Taylor is doing with this new song! It also has a little1989 pop vibe to it that totally speaks to me. I hope the rest of the album has the same vibe!

Honestly though, my favorite part in the video was when she sings the words "There are a lot of cool chicks out there" and the wall is filled with pictures of chicks, but one photo, front and center, honors the most important chicks: The Dixie Chicks. I legit laughed out loud while watching.


"ME" is an empowering anthem about accepting yourself and realzing that you are unique and wonderful and there is literally no one else in the world like you, so why not celebrate that! 

All the 'Swifites' in the world, including myself, cannot wait to hear the rest of the upcoming album!

Oh and one last thing, I bet we'll all be yelling the words, "Hey kids! Spelling is fun!" all summer long!